Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.

We are a startup microbrewery looking to call Downtown Phoenix home.

Our initial focus and primary products will be barrel aged artisan ales. This will include sour, wild, and spontaneously fermented beer that will be barrel aged for an extended period of time.

Although this has been a tradition dating back hundreds of years in Europe, American craft brewers have only been producing similar styles for just over twenty years.

Ryan and Daniel at Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium. Sept 28th, 2019

Our mission is simple, Ridicule the Norm™

Our Unique Process

Devious Brewing and Blending is the idea of bringing back old-world brewing techniques to the modern day consumer. We will ferment and age our beers in oak barrels with a mixed culture of saccharomyces (brewers yeast), brettanomyces (brett) and lactic acid bacteria (microbes).

By utilizing long periods of barrel aging and bottle conditioning, a natural progression of complexity is able to develop in our beers. This is one of the most important elements to us, as the barrel aging process creates flavors that are impossible to create any other way. From fruiting to wine barrels and dry hopping, we will experiment with both old and new styles and techniques to produce an array of possibilities.

Once the barrels have reached their desired flavor profile, we begin to “build” our beers. By having access to many different barrels, all at different stages of fermentation, we are able to pick the best traits in each barrel and blend those together. By using this creative expression, we hope to deliver our vision of what beer can be.

Thanks for learning about Devious Brewing and Blending!

Investment Opportunities

Bottle Club Membership

More details coming soon...

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