Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.

We are keeping this post short and sweet. This step in the Framework takes time.

Like mentioned in the previous article, The 7 Habits act as the motor to drive actionable results to achieve your Ikigai.

Are you currently running a business or looking to start something of your own?

Once you have your Mission Statement and have used it to help find your Personal Ikigai, try filling out the mission statement again, this time through the lens of an entrepreneur, looking to start a business by solving issues and providing value.

👉 Create my Mission Statement

The following exercise may help you consider what you’ll spend a large portion of your life doing. Study the Ikigai Venn diagram below, brainstorm some bullet point answers, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you love doing? Like really love doing? (This can be more than one thing)
  2. List every hobby that you currently do regularly (This may be different to the list in #1)
  3. Now categorize these ‘loves’ and hobbies by industries and highlight the hobbies, since you commit to them regularly (these are different to the ‘loves’ because they may be more obtainable. Somebody that loves travel probably doesn’t do it all that often.)
  4. Under each industry, write something (or more than one thing) that the industry needs
  5. Again, under each industry, write every job or service that you could be paid for. You specifically. Don’t put jobs or tasks you have no idea about.
  6. Evaluate if any of these jobs or services serve the need in each industry. If they do, put them on a separate list.
  7. Compare the new list side-by-side with your list of ‘things you love’ and order them by most desired to least desired.

Although the process itself won’t feel life-changing, it’s a simple exercise that a lot of people never bother to do. It simply helps you take a step back and properly evaluate what you love, what you could be paid for, and what you’d be happy spending a majority of your waking moments doing.

Because let’s face it, running your new business will be a 24/7 affair for the first year or so.

If you have found your purpose in business and are ready for growth, RTN Media can help your business Integrate Systems, Automate Processes, that ultimately allow you to scale your business.

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