Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.

(JAMstack capable, Seo, M&A)

Your marketing strategy serves as the fuel your system needs in order to move forward.

It also determines the best type of tools (or, the best type of fuel) for the journey.

If you have no strategy, you have no direction.

Lets start with a website. There are so many choices out there, from Squarespace and Wix to Shopify and Wordpress.. How do you choose?

Our Favorite,

Ghost makes it simple to publish content online, grow an audience with email newsletters, and make money from premium memberships.

Made For:

  • Publishers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers

A powerful platform to share your content

Publish on your terms. You control the design, the content, the experience, and everything in between. No broken algorithms or social network rules. You're in charge.

  • A beautiful, powerful editor
  • Simple content management
  • Email newsletters built-in
  • SEO features included automatically
  • Publish once, distribute everywhere

Build a real audience with memberships

Create a membership business to develop a direct relationship with your audience and generate sustainable, recurring revenue from your creative work; on your terms.

  • Free member registration & login
  • Launch paid publications & newsletters
  • Subscription payments with Stripe
  • No transaction fees, you keep your revenue
  • Turn any subscriber list into a members site

Enjoy a powerful headless CMS

Ghost is the world’s most popular open source headless Node.js CMS — it ships with a default admin client and front-end, but you can also swap them out with your own JAMstack.

  • Headless CMS with Node.js REST APIs
  • Over 19x faster than WordPress
  • Secure & independently audited
  • The #1 CMS on Github
  • Custom theme or any JAMstack front-end

Now you can run a Node.js back end service with a stable, production ready REST API as your content infrastructure with a beautiful matching admin client - and it's all completely free, open source, and MIT licensed. You use Ghost for authoring, and then build out your front-end to pull from the API in any way that you prefer.

  • Developers get to use their preferred stack
  • Writers get to use their preferred editor
  • Performance is the maximum possible (no back-end, it's just HTML!)
  • Security is the maximum possible (seriously, it's just HTML!)

Building sites in this way has become known as the JAMstack - (as in JavaScript, APIs, Markup) -  and has been progressing rapidly for some time. When you start to look at the bigger picture of the content mesh, it really starts to feel like an inevitable future is upon us.

Completely optimized distribution channels

Publish once, distribute everywhere. Your content is set up to be discovered in as many ways as possible by your readers

SEO: Search engine optimization

Proper SEO built in directly, with semantic markup, permalinks, XML sitemaps, canonical tags and automatic meta data with manual overrides.

Accelerated Mobile Pages New

With integrated AMP support, your site will rank higher and load in a fraction of a second from Google mobile search results.

Marketing and Advertising

is the natural progression of Data Collection of your customers. This allows you to invest in your future by Choosing the customers you want.

Google search and FB display ads to website. We retarget using both FB Pixel and Google retargeting. Get them into the system to nurture using automations

Still Clean up and tighten up a bit...

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